A gathering space in downtown Raleigh...

The Duncan-Giersch Center is part of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd’s campus in downtown Raleigh.

The parish church has stood at the corner of McDowell and Hillsborough streets, just one block from the North Carolina State Capital Building, for 100 years. The adjacent property where the Duncan-Giersch center stands now was originally the location of the Ashby office building along with a parking lot for church use. The Ashby building housed the church’s administrative offices and classrooms. During the 1990s and early 2000s, the parish experienced a period of growth that pushed the limits of what the existing facilities could accommodate. Classrooms were overflowing with children, the office staff didn’t have room to turn around it seemed. This situation was endured for a number of years. In 2002, the parish’s congregational leadership, along with its rector, Rev. Dr. Bob Sawyer, made the bold and forward looking decision to build new congregational facility that would carry the parish into the next 100 years. Four years later the Duncan-Giersch Center was completed pointed to the purpose everyone saw for the facility.

Completed in 2004, the Duncan-Giersch Center was envisioned as an extension of the church's ministry in downtown Raleigh. Not only would it house the church’s classrooms and office facilities it would also be a way for the church to continue to serve the downtown community and the public. The Duncan-Giersch Center was built with facilities to house The Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen. Shepherd’s Table provides a free lunch to more then 300 people each weekday in its facility at street level facing Morgan Street. The middle two floors of the building provide office space and children’s classrooms to the church. The main entrance to the building is via the covered porte cochère at 121 Hillsborough Street. The fourth floor of the building hosts Shepherd’s Hall, Stoker Chapel, and a number of meeting rooms used for adult classes and gatherings. Shepherd’s Hall is the grand space used for parish social activities, ecclesiastical meetings, and other functions of The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina.

Beyond these aforementioned services to the church, the meeting rooms and Shepherd’s Hall are available for rent by companies, non-profits, and families to host gatherings, small and large.

The Duncan-Giersch Center has excelled with providing the parish with a space for numerous outreach activities that serve the downtown community and the church’s parish family. We hope that it can also provide you with a welcoming space to host your reception, business meeting, or other gathering tailored to your needs.

We are located at 121 Hillsborough Street in downtown Raleigh. The map below highlights our location.

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Front drive from Hillsborough Street to the Duncan-Giersch Center.
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Porte cochére of the Duncan-Giersch Center.
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Porte cochére of the Duncan-Giersch Center.
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Google Earth view of the Duncan-Giersch Center. Perspective from the northwest.